1. Prophecies for 2019 is going to be a year of Historical Moves.
  2. Long awaited shifts and wonders are coming.
  3. Even the rocks and oceans shall move in the presence of God’s glory.
  4. People are going to be delivered from oppressive rulers and territories.
  5. Many rulers will lose their stubborn grips and they will be cast away.
  6. Every ruler that has determined to give you tough times, the earth will open and swallow that ruler.
  7. The promise of freedom will no longer be delayed.
  8. Nations shall be given their Moses to move them forward according to God’s desire.
  9. Your advancement is hereby activated by My might that no one can contend with. I will move you beyond barriers.
  10. There will be wars, but they will not last long.
  11. The sea will bury seers and lying tongues who began in truth bur later sunk into worldly desires, many of them will perish in this coming year.
  1. The march to greater glory is non-negotiable for believers in 2019. As God went with Moses, so shall many believers experience great freedom in this coming year.
  1. Tell territorial oppressors that their time is limited.  Tell evildoers, who kill for fame and money, that the angel of vengeance has been unleashed against them.
  1. Victory will require constant revelation not just imagination and efforts.
  2. In this year 2019 ask before you make every move.
  3. More female children will come in the next three (3) years beginning in
  4. I am releasing more female children in order to replenish what has been lost.
  1. Those who wait on the Lord shall see affliction going around but none shall touch them.  When you hear and see tribulation run into the House of Prayer.  The Lord said to open the church more this year.  You will be called for more prayer and vigils.
  2. Your rest is assured.  Many will be relocated to give you the place of your own glory, I am going to remove people in order to place you where you belong. 
  3. Be thankful and fruitful; the desires of believers shall be favored. Your glory is in your service.  Do your part to connect the Promise.
  1. In this year bless those who are blessed.

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