1. Thus saith the Lord, “Great floods and desired occurrences shall be increasing, not because of the sins of the people, but because human beings are disrespecting other creations (trees, oceans, mountains, animals) of God. Everything I created has life in them because My Spirit is in them.  I gave the power of dominion to human beings, not the power of destruction.”
  2. “The mountains, the oceans, the clouds and death speak in rebellion against the cross-disrespect that is happening to them. Nature is essential for survival, but when people disrespect the natural things of God people will pay for their actions.
  3. “Tell rulers of the world that they are not killers, but should healers of souls. Repent and become healers and not to kill people.
  4. “The people shall rise against four great leaders and remove them after a period of very fierce confrontation.
  5. “Tell the rich to be humble in their ego. I rule the world not the world ruling me.
  6. “The year, 2017, will open more unto science and there will be new ideas against the agents of diseases and sickness. People will have advancement in science to have ideas on what to bring as an antidote and what to bring as healing medicine to work against killer diseases.”
  7. “East Africa, Cambodia, Seychelles, Australia, and South Africa shall be delivered from strange skin diseases and agents of death in the air.”
  8. “The dead shall rise in 2017 to expose destroyers of the society. A particular time will come again and I will speak against destroyers of the society.  People that are being buried in places and being used for money by those looking for advancement for fame will rise, all of a sudden, and they will speak forth what people have done unto them.”
  9. “I gave strength to rulers, but Africa shall lose great names in the cities of government.”
  10. “The United States of America will be forced to accept foreigners. It shall be a sudden and unavoidable event because I am transferring wealth.  Be prepared for rain in 2017.  Be prepared for revival in Spanish-speaking nations.  Spanish-speaking nations shall start leading massively where many are falling out of favor.”
  11. Four ladies will celebrate their weddings in PAEM this year.
  12. Whatever the devil is plotting to take homes away, the Lord will expose them.
  13. “I will bless Bahamas this year with a rain.
  14. “There will be change in Jamaica; it will be like a rebellion. I have a hand in it.  I am ready to liberate the afflicted.
  15. Don’t fly on Arik, Lufthansa, and UAE airlines. Terrorists are being recruited as pilots, the government is doing business with insurance companies, but God will expose their plot.  “If you can be faithful, then you will be fruitful.”
  16. “Try me this year and do not lie to my son; Heaven will open unto you.”
  17. Every month Pastor Onabanjo will be meeting with leaders and we will be giving back to (*inaudible*) more evangelists and we will be bringing more souls. The Lord said, “If you want it so big, then bring my church big and I will make you big.”
  18. On January 15, 2017 read Psalm 72 and Isaiah 43
  19. For the individual expecting to travel to Guyana before April, the Lord said, “Change the date. A sudden cloud that will cause the pilot not to see anything (zero visibility) will not be your portion.  If it is a relative, tell them to change the date.
  20. On April 16th, 2017 the Lord said, “Make it a day to ask for favor.
  21. “Joan, have I (the Lord) been good to you? You have not seen anything because this is your year of rest.  I have tried you and you prevailed, so I will bless you.”
  22. For two persons carrying the name, Solomon: “I’m having and I am releasing a prophetic unction for prosperity over him. Solomon shall be known with an idea that I will give this year and whatever he produces the whole world will invest in it.
  23. Warn your children. Warn them this summer.  No speedboat rides because there is a shark that will be visiting beaches.  The shark is after speedboats:  it will throw the people off the speed boat, it is not going to eat them, but they will still die.  No motorized vessels (speed boats, jet skis, etc,).
  24. Someone in the church was told he/she has to get a transplant. The Lord said, “No, I have done the transplant.
  25. Knee replacement – The Lord said, “Don’t worry about it, I have healed you. It will not happen to you again.
  26. Someone is praying for a loved one who needs strength in the hands – Psalm 18 is your portion. Read it, pray it into a bottle of water, tell that person to believe and drink one bottle every week for seven weeks.  The Lord said, “I will make that person perfectly whole.”
  27. For someone who is still paying part of his/her child’s school fees – The Lord said, “I am making it a grant and no longer a loan.
  28. Every child starting college this year, the Lord said to bring them into this church (PAEM) so that He will choose the college that will not kill them. Must be done by the latest, end of February.
  29. There is a battle over land/properties. The Lord said, “What would you do if I make your enemies your footstool?  Will you be able to give a plot as thanksgiving?”  What you sow is what He (God) will be expecting.
  30. Thus saith the Lord, “Don’t sacrifice your Isaac prematurely. He who has ears let him hear.”  The next three weeks in the PAEM are going to be very revealing.  Don’t sacrifice your Isaac prematurely because many people have done it and they have made a mistake of a lifetime.  “Don’t bring things that will not open the door.  Don’t determine it for me.  Listen first.

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