Today, I welcome you to the light. The light that gives knowledge. The light that brings peace. The light that brings joy.

When you walk into an unfamiliar, dark alley, you become skeptical, afraid and uncertain of what may happen next. But when you turn-on the light, the unfamiliar becomes familiar. You see where you are heading; pit-holes to avoid and what not to touch.

It is like walking into the life of a woman or a man. The only thing you see is the entrance to a dark alley, the beauty of a woman is what lures you first. The handsome face and expectation of comfort lure a woman to a man.

However, the other things inside that body are always shrouded in murky darkness. It may lead to love and it may lead to eternal hurt.

A lot of people have been subjected to eternal hurt because they refused to seek the light. When you don’t have the light, your only option is darkness. When you grope in darkness, you put yourself up for a gamble. A gamble is all about uncertainty. When you opt for uncertainty, you put yourself up for grabs, therefore you should be ready for any event, either good or bad.

The light I am offering you today gives certainty. You know where you are going. You see the road and you know when to stop.

Today, I offer you the light of the world. I offer you the knowledge of truth. I offer you certainty not fallacy. That is the light that confirmed Himself saying I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. This is the light that shines into darkness and all things become new.

That is my option for you today – that you may know Him who has called you out of the darkness into a marvelous light. He has called you to dust-off the sin on you; wash-off your filthiness which you call righteousness and disrobe you of your filthy rags.

The light is JESUS. He has called you to dwell in the light because when you abide in the light, you will be set free of bondage. When you abide in the light, you will receive His POWER AND AUTHORITY to fight your battle against devils and all diseases. [Luke 9: 1]

Are you willing to opt out of darkness into the innumerable council of saints who have been redeemed to reign with Christ? St. Matthew chapter 19 verse 16-24 shows that a man needs to forgo everything and cling to the light in order to attain eternal life. A man went to Jesus asking what else should be done to have eternal life. Jesus directed him to observe the commandments. Just like many of us would try to justify our filthy lives, this man claimed no fault in regards to the commandments and Jesus told him to go a step further in his quest for eternal life by selling all he had, give the proceeds to the poor and follow him.

The man, said to be very rich, found it difficult and left in sorrow. Many people, in fact scores of Christians today have many things that they cannot forgo, yet they desire to have eternal life.

Many have turned earthly treasures to God. They worship their closets and titles more than God yet they want to brag to God that since they do not kill or commit adultery, they should have eternal life. The Bible makes it clear that the world would readily love its own. You cannot be a friend of the world and love God at the same time.

When I became saved, a lot of the friends that I used to hang out with, drinking and doing the unthinkable stopped answering my calls. I tried many times but they would not speak with me. Then I realized that I was on the right course because if I remain engaged to them there is no way I can be engaged to God.

Many Christians often asked the question, what else I can do to please God and be out of tribulation. The Bible never promised that Christians would not experience tribulations. The book teaches that we should rejoice and persevere because after a night of sorrow, joy comes in the morning. The assurance was given through the resurrection of Jesus. It was the greatest motivation of hope.

What is that ambition that is giving you sleepless nights? What is that sickness that you are claiming as your portion? Who is that creation that is sounding like the Creator in your life? All you need to do is to wear the shield of the spirit. Put on the whole armor of God. Go to battle with the Power and Authority given by Jesus to destroy devils and infirmities.

All that Jesus wants from you is to fully abide in Him. 1John 1:3 says “that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the father and with his Son Jesus Christ”. When you abide in Christ, you will know the steps to take, and the right time to take the steps.

Are you still thinking of the several extra luggage in your life. Your possession in Heaven promises more beautiful goodies than what this short life offers. All you need is the boldness to tell satan, DEPART and he shall flee in the name of Jesus. That is what Jesus wants from you and He wants it TODAY, TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE.

Pastor Rotimi Onabanjo

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