When God created the world, the world was void and without form. It was not in a perfect state. The world needed to be shaped and rearranged.

Many things needed to be adjusted; the waters, the firmament, the night and the day, including all other things were moved around by God.

Total remodeling needed to be done. That was the picture of the world and that is the reality of the world.

Interestingly, every human, born into the world, desired a perfect formation of things. Everybody wants a perfect home, a perfect marriage, relationship, child, school, weather and so on. Nobody wants to suffer or move things around before attaining the perfect picture.

All we want is a big BANG that will magically or miraculously produce millions of dollars or a perfect man or woman. We have forgotten that the world was not perfect at the beginning. It took God, the master manufacturer and creator of all things, SIX days to meticulously create and move things around. He was creating and checking everything and declaring, “it was good”.

The world was barren in so many aspects. The water had no living things. The forest had nothing; the firmament was meaningless until night and day were established. There was nobody to rule over the creations until God created Man in His own image. Creating man in His own image means man is capable of doing what God can do. Man can create things, using the things God created. That was why God gave man authority over all that He created.

Even, at the creation of man, he was barren. He was non-living. God had to breathe into man in order for the clay to become flesh. That image was as void and without form as the world at creation.

God works in a sequence. First, the void world; then the spirit of God, moving upon the face of the deep; then the divine declaration which removed the void from the world. Later, came man.

Since it took God days to create a perfect world, why do men want to attain a perfect nature in one minute? Why do people want their spouse to be perfect in the first month of marriage? Why do worshippers expect their pastor to be all perfect all the time? Why do people expect to jump into millions of dollars overnight?

Remember, the world was barren in the beginning; therefore, barrenness is a fact of life. But God has shown that He has power to overcome barrenness. He converted a barren world into a beautiful master piece.

The first man, Adam, was not fruitful until he had Eve. Abram had a barren as wife. Sarah was barren for most of her life but Isaac came later. Isaac had Rebecca as wife, who was also barren [Gen 25:21] but later had Jacob. Jacob followed the chain of barrenness. His wife, Rachel was also barren [Gen 30:1].

Barrenness started from the beginning, but God proved His supremacy over all situations by giving people children at the age of hundred and beyond. That should give hope to the needy, that no situation is beyond the effective capacity of God. God raised Lazarus, He raised Jesus, therefore He is able to raise anyone out of whatever situation that may arise.

All God wants from us is to follow Him like Abraham did. God made a covenant with Abraham and He fulfilled it. Many Christians want to sing the song “Abraham blessings are mine”, but none wants to worship God like Abraham did. None is ready to wait for a covenant till the age of ninety-nine. In fact, people start to say “I think am done, can’t have no child of my own at over fifty”. Says who?

The book of Romans 8:24 says “for we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for”. In verse 28, we read “and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”. God calls people for different purposes. If all things work for good for Abraham, who was called to be under a covenant and had to wait for ninety-nine years, then we should realize that whatever situation we now regard as bad, will surely work for good at the appointed time, designed by God.

The chain of barrenness is a fact of life. It is a burden that should be carried with hope because hope will always strengthen faith. When we glory in tribulation, surely joy is anxiously waiting to leap into focus in the morning. Job was restored beyond his imaginations. Sarah was blessed fully. Jesus is still the greatest name on earth today. Why should anyone lose hope.

If you can follow God, and follow Him without playing the part of Lot’s wife by glancing back at the door that God has closed, then victory is assured. The chains will break without any effort from you.

God has a purpose for everything and everyone. You are breathing today because there is a purpose for your life. Do not stop breathing.

Do not stop believing. Do not stop asking. Do not stop worshipping Him. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the provision. He is the manufacturer. He has the power to turn things around. He did it in the beginning. He will do it again for YOU and your loved ones, amen.

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