2019 YOUR YEAR OF GLORY Prophecies for 2019 is going to be a year of Historical Moves. Long awaited shifts and wonders are coming. Even the rocks and oceans shall move in the presence of God’s glory. People are going to be delivered from oppressive rulers and territories. Many rulers will lose their stubborn grips…





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Henceforth and forever, you will always receive your heart desires from GOD ALMIGHTY because you are a BOLD  SEEKER and not a BOUND BEGGAR in the name of Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day. Pastor Rotimi Onabanjo


Thus saith the Lord, “Great floods and desired occurrences shall be increasing, not because of the sins of the people, but because human beings are disrespecting other creations (trees, oceans, mountains, animals) of God. Everything I created has life in them because My Spirit is in them.  I gave the power of dominion to human…


POWER AND AUTHORITY EVANGELICAL MINISTRY OUR STATEMENT OF FAITH We are a body of Believers, worshiping the Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and earth. We believe there is one God, whose power rules over all and has dominion over the entire universe. We believe that there is God the Father; Jesus Christ His Son…




“WHO BY HIM DO BELIEVE IN GOD, THAT RAISED HIM UP FROM THE DEAD, AND GAVE HIM GLORY, THAT YOUR FAITH AND HOPE MIGHT BE IN GOD”  (1Peter 1:21) COMMENTARY Nothing proves that there is hope through Christ, than His resurrection. A Believer’s hope should be in that divine gift of eternal life. No hope…



April 2nd

The Good Samaritan
A brother recalled that our man of God said we should look for someone to give a gift. On the way to Church, he stopped at a gas station to by gas and as he was collecting his change, a homeless man approached him for 50 cents. He took the man to a restaurant and bought breakfast for him. Behold the homeless man put the food on the ground and started praying. The brother quickly ran to the car, knocked on the car window, took out his Bible and told the brother to read Psalm 7 and the man read the bible with great understanding. Praise God!

Divine Promotion
After her pilgrimage to Israel, a sister received a call from her boss who gave her a promotion.

April 9th
Favor for Preservation of Life
On Friday a sister left her home forgetting the pot on the stove. When she returned home she was hearing the smoke alarm. She tried to open the door but couldn’t get it open. She was knocking it hard because her husband was fast asleep. Glory be to God there was no fire in the house and nothing missing, nothing broken.

Uncommon Favor
A sister received a medical bill for $9,000 and was told it is the patient’s responsibility. She took the prayer request to the Wailing Wall in Israel and when she returned to NY she received a letter that the bill was cancelled.

April 16th

Our senior Pastor released a word of abundance, elevation, promotion, doors of opportunity. And a sister connected to the declarations. Pastor told her she is going to receive good news, she claimed it. She has been waiting nine years to receive her good news and on Thursday at 10:00 am, she received the good news.

March 5th

Divine Healing
On Friday, a sister daughter in-law called that their baby boy was not moving and was instructed to call ambulance. The baby’s temperature was 103. She remembered the anointing oil and put some in his mouth. Within few minutes he woke up and started running around. Praise God

March 12th

Healing Favor
During the Healing Service, a few days ago, a brother was feeling chest pain. When our senior Pastor asked persons to jump up and join the prayer line for healing. As he began to tell God what he wants to happen in his life, he started feeling instant healing

During a healing service, our senior Pastor prayed for a member with high blood pressure. When she went home she didn’t take any meds for the next few days and her blood pressure went down to 133/88 mmHg every morning and night. All is Well.

A sister did not want to come to the healing service, she wanted to stay home because she had intense. She was unable to join the prayer line. She had anointing oil and added some to bottle of water and took it to the gym with her. She used the water and the pain disappeared.

A sister woke up one morning with excruciating pain in right hand. She prayed, anointed her hand with the anointing oil and went to the doctor’s office. After work, she quickly came to the healing service. Our senior Pastor told her to drink some of the anointed water. When she woke up the next morning, there was no more pain. It is Permanent.

Medical School Loan Dismissed
Went to medical school and graduated. Accrued a loan of $300K. Pastor has been praying for the loan to be dismissed. To God be the glory, last week she received a letter that her $300K has been dismissed

A sister testified that last week she was taken to the hospital because while on the train, she was having difficulty breathing and almost fainted. Glory be to God, everything went back to normal.

No More Water In Her Womb
In 2016, she had a surgery and when she went for test, doctors said she had water in her womb. During Thursday’s healing service the Lord performed wonders. She claimed her healing and when she got home she passed out the water. No more water. Praise God.

March 19th

Case Dismissed
A sister son had to appear in court for three offences. Based on those offences, he was supposed to have been in jail. The sister came to the Sanctuary to ask for favor and later the son went to court and to the glory of God the policeman didn’t show up and the case was dismissed.

A month ago, a young man texted his mother telling her about the professor who was harsh and insulting to him. He became depressed. His mother would listen to the Yoke Breaker (88.9 FM) and pray along with Pastor Onabanjo. He emailed the Dean about the said professor. She received an email on Friday stating that the professor is no longer a member of the school.

No More Transplant
One of our seniors, claimed she only has one quarter of a kidney. A minister declared to her that she has a whole kidney. The daughter confirmed that doctors said her mother needs a transplant. The minister took her to Pastor Onabanjo for prayer. She called back the daughter and got a good report that her mother no longer needs the transplant. This is Amazing Grace.

A sister recalled the testimony of a $300K loan dismissal and faithfully connected to the testimony to get her chance to rejoice. She was $75 short of her rent and her husband was worried because she took $20 out for her offering on Sunday but by Monday, the landlord knocked on her door to give her a check of $150. Her rent was due on the 15th of March and this check came two days before.

Testimonies 2017

February 5th

Successful Surgery
On January 17th, a sister became concerned after hearing that her brother had to have surgery. To the glory of God, she is rejoicing that the surgery was successful.

Test Results Negative
“A sister went for a repeat mammogram and sonogram and what the doctors said they saw was no longer there.

Eyes Healed
A man fell down and went to the doctor to make sure everything was okay. It was suggested that he goes for therapy. One day later he was feeling pain in his left eye which because red. During the fasting period he received healing.

The Favor of God at Work
During the past two nights of the vigil, a brother testified how his office favored him. His commute to and from work by train was five hours. Pastor Onabanjo prophesied about relocation, relocation, relocation prior to Christmas and within three days of the prophecy his boss called to let him know they are opening an office on Long Island which is closer to his home.

February 12th

On January 1st, a sister called to The Yoke Breaker Live broadcast and our Man of God prayed and prophesied about her house. Her husband later called home to ask family members to check their house and everything was okay. However, they had one of their houses in NY on contract waiting for closing. The buyers called saying there is someone living in the house and they didn’t have tenants since July 2017. When the buyer changed the locks, the squatters will break into the home. The buyers were threatened and they called the police who got rid of the squatters. This is Prophecy come through.

God of a Second Chance
On July 31, 2016 a woman knew she was admitted to the hospital with pain. She had gall stones which caused an infection and her organs were beginning to shut down. She was admitted to the ICU. The doctors performed surgeries week after week. She woke up days after her last surgery. To the glory of God and the shame of the devil, she received complete healing.

February 19th

On the way home after celebrating God’s healing power over one of our members, a sister driving home looked both ways before making a left turn. Upon turning, a car came speeding and almost caused a clash. With God’s divine protection and her quick thinking she was able to escape without a scratch.

Last Sunday a mother remembered when the Man of God said to touch the area where they are feeling sick. She declared she is no longer sick. However, she remembered her daughter who complained of pain in her right leg and had to wear a special stocking. The mother told God that her daughter’s leg must be healed. The following day her daughter called to tell her a dream that she saw a woman who lifted up her leg and the water was oozing. After three hours, her daughter was able to walk without wearing the special stockings.

February 26th

A sister’s tenants were owing her $1,000 over the past nine months and refused to move. When she offered him programs that will give him assistance yet he refused. To the glory of God all her money was paid last Tuesday.

Deaf Ear Opened
During our visiting Pastor’s sermon, he called several people out for healing. After he prayed the prayer of faith the left ear of a woman was opened.

Three weeks ago, I requested salary increase in my work place but was denied and I decided to go to God for favor. As usual, I was on The Yoke Breaker morning broadcast on TehillahTV 88.9FM radio on Tuesday June 13, 2017 when Pastor Onabanjo prophesied and prayed to everyone that was denied of anything for any reason to go back for approval. When Pastor completed praying on the radio that morning, I was impressed that I’m a faithful thither and reminded God of His promise upon my life in Malachi 3:7-12. Wasting no time, I called my manager and reminded him of my request to increase my salary. Without hesitation, my manager told me that my request has been approved effective July 1, 2017. Also, I was previously denied a loan but as if God was not done with me, I received a letter that my loan has been approved. To God be the glory He is The Yoke Breaker.
AB (Radio Listener)

January 8, 2017
Tenants Paid Up

A sister had been praying for her tenants who were in arrears.  On Friday Jan 6th, they paid half of what they owed.

Case Closed

Last week, a sister was having a serious problem in her home.  After speaking with Pastor Onabanjo and praying with him, her case was closed and she did not have to spend any money.

January 1, 2017
Escaped from Kidnappers

A brother received a call that his junior brother was attending university so he told him to set up an account to receive money to assist with school fees.  On a particular day he was warned not to go to the bank.  He decided to go and was kidnapped.  The family had been looking for him for about eight hours.  The same kidnappers sent the young man to the shop to buy salt.  A driver who recognized him, took him to his family.

A young woman, whom doctors said would not walk will now be walking down the aisle with her graduating class of 2017.

Dec. 25, 2016
Successful Surgery

A sister received a call that her daughter has to have brain surgery.  The surgery was a success and she is doing well.

After her return from the trip to Israel, the devil tried to snatch her son, but God brought him out victoriously.

Divine Visitation

A brother received an overseas call telling him that his brother had been in the hospital for a few days and the diagnosis is uncertain.  His brother stared feeling heat in his side while they were talking.  He took the anointed water that was given during one of the prophetic and deliverance services to his brother when he traveled.  His sibling used the water and went for testing. The test showed he had kidney stones.  Later on, the brother received a call from his sibling who told him that someone visited him in his dream, pulled something from his stomach.  The next morning, he was taken for surgery and the doctors couldn’t find any kidney stones.  They did more tests which confirmed no trace of kidney stone.

Dec. 11, 2016
Case Dismissed

A woman, who was involved in a car accident, called the police. When they arrived she was given a ticket. She appeared in court and plead, “not guilty” and the case was adjourned. On the second appearance in court, the police was absent so the judge dismissed her case.

You Shall Be Above Only, Not Beneath

Her employer hired someone who was, immediately promoted over her. The company had a Christmas party and the new employee did not attend. After the event the sister received a call from the new employee telling her that she had been demoted. Today, the sister is now promoted to that new position.
Safe Delivery

A young woman who was pregnant and had a fibroid delivered her baby safely.

November 27, 2016

Healed from Stomach Ache

A woman complained of having constant stomach aches and was taking four pills at a time.  She came out for prayer and is glorifying God for taking her pain away.

Healed from Pain in Legs

A member woke up and was unable to walk.  She was determined to get herself to come to the arena of liberty where God answers quickly.  Before the end of the service she was healed.


A sister who was in $700,000. Debt is now debt-free.

Case Dismissed

A woman who had a court case coming up on Nov. 29th prayed and asked God to be the final judge over her issue.  At the court, she was asked if she had a lawyer and she quickly replied, “Yes.”  When asked where her lawyer is, she pointed to Heaven.  Her case was dismissed!

Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken

On Sat, Nov 26th, a brother went shopping at Green Acres Mall on Black Friday.  On the way,  he made a turn onto Sunrise Hwy.  While waiting at the red light, he heard a very loud bang and felt the impact of another vehicle propelling him forward.  He had some pains and was taken to the hospital for further checkup.  Glory to God they left the hospital with no injuries.

October 30, 2016

A sister was praying fervently for a while.  On Fri, Oct. 28th, Pastor Onabanjo sent out a text with a scripture for everyone to read.  While riding the train, she prayed according to what she was looking for concerning her son.  To the glory of God, she received a call with the answer she expected.  She is glorifying God who did not allow her to be put to shame.

While on vacation in her native home, a sister was in her car with her foot on the brakes.  Suddenly, a man came and tried to carjack her, asking for money to eat and showed her his gun.  She took a chance, sped away and escaped without injury.

October 23, 2016

A brother was promoted from Aeronautical Engineer to another position which is now paying him a salary two times what he was receiving.

October 2nd

Five years ago, a sister applied for a state job she was confident she qualifies for, however she did not get any feedback and decided to go to her old apartment and see if any mail was there for her.  Upon arriving at the apartment, she saw the mail which said she did not show for the interview and if she is still interested that she should call.  When she arrived at the office, she was told she had to be placed back on the list.  Last week, she received a call asking if she is still interested and replied, “Yes” and was asked to start that same day!

A visitor, who attended the September Revival, had put in a prayer request on behalf of her grandson who was unemployed.  Our Way Maker prepared the way for him to be gainfully employed.

New Job

A young lady became unemployed at the end of 2015.  During our Prophetic and Deliverance service she prayed and declared that by the age of 25 God will bless her with a new job.  To God be the glory she was hired for the new job.

When Jesus Says, “Yes”, Nobody Can Say, “No”

In 2014, a brother had been having immigration problems.  In 2016 a brother was sent a letter of deportation to be removed from the country in 30 days.  He refused the order because he never committed any crime.  The deportation was overturned and weeks later he receive a letter with his green card, welcoming him in the USA!

Christ the Healer

A young lady is glorifying God for healing her mom who was admitted in the hospital for several weeks.

A brother recalled the evening in Provoke Heavens service that Pastor Onabanjo called people who are looking for a change of job to approach the altar and prayed for them.  He was given specific instructions to fast and pray.  Few weeks later, the brother was called by another company, offering a better position.

September 11, 2016

Debt Free!

A sister is glorifying God that she is debt free for the past eight months.

A brother was planning to retire from his job so that he will have the flexibility to attend midweek services as he would like.  When he informed his authority that he wants to retire they refused and decided to create a new position and job description in Brooklyn where the church is located.

September 25th

A sister is glorifying God for her son who was on the Dean’s List in 2015. He changed from the Nursing Student course for the year and his tuition went down from $9,000. To $1,200.

Last week a sister’s son in-law was suspended and facing termination from his job.  She decided to come out and give a thanksgiving offering unto God in advance to turn things around.  Glory be to God, her son in-law’s employer called him back to work.

August 7th

A sister who owns a catering and delivery service had been experiencing problems with her vehicle used to make her deliveries.  When it finally broke down she had been taking taxis to and from church, her place of business and home.  Her bank account would always be overdrawn until that day she was instructed by Pastor to go and buy a vehicle.  To the glory of God, she is now driving a brand new car and able to pay for it.

A sister’s account was about to be charged for overdraft.  She noted that the bank would give a courtesy once per year, which she had already been granted.  She visited her bank and to request another courtesy.  The bank manager had given her this courtesy three times for the year.  Through God’s divine favor she was not charged for the overdraft.

A mother was privileged to attend the Women’s Prayer Vigil for children.  In the following week while approaching her son’s school, she noticed the fence had been broken down and inquired about it.  The school officials told her there was a police car chase and the car drove right into the fence, breaking it down.  She glorified God because no one was in the school during this incident.

August 14th

Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

A minister recalled Pastor Onabanjo’s prophecy five years ago, that a tire will come off a vehicle.  Some time after this, he still received several warnings from the Spirit of God to stop driving the car and ignored the word.  The tire came off the vehicle and thankfully, he was not harmed.  Three years later (2016) he is now driving his car.

No Cysts, No Surgery!

A sister had been going for regular checkups with her doctor when he saw something on her sonogram.  She was sent to take a CAT Scan which was muffled so she made an appointment to see her Gynaecologist.  During our Prohetic and Deliverance service she was instructed to open her bottle of water, pray, then drink it.  To the glory of God, when she visited her GYN they couldn’t find any cyst and cancelled the surgery.

August 21st

Divine Protection

A mother attended the Women’s Vigil to pray for the protection of their children.  Few weeks later, she learnt that her friend’s son was driving to work when he was involved in a car accident.  The vehicle was totaled, however the Miracle Worker, Jesus Christ was on the scene and he escaped alive.

A man was hospitalized for Pneumonia and fell into a coma for 13 days.  Pastor Onabanjo prayed for him and he woke up from the coma.  During the morning prayer with the Man of God, on WLIB 1190 FM, he was having an heart attack was admitted to the same hospital for 32 days, had surgery and was discharged.  He is glorifies God for sparing his life to witness the power of prayer.

May 8th

Jehovah Had the Final Say

A homeowner, who was having issues with her tenant for a while, had a date to appear in court last Friday.  She believed by faith that God would grant her divine favor in this case.  After the judge heard the case, he ruled in her favor and gave the tenants until the end of May to vacate the apartment.

May 15th

Saved From Fatal Accident

A brother had an accident with a group of motorcyclists who ran into his car.  When he tried to dodge the car ahead of him he ended up hitting another one of the motorcyclists, propelling him forward several feet.  He went to check on him and he was okay.  He could have had serious injuries due to the amount of damage done to the car.  Through God’s divine protection he emerged from the accident unharmed.

May 22nd

She wondered why her bank sent her an Overnight Express envelope at this point in time because she had been having issues with them for the past two years concerning her mortgage.  When she opened the envelope, to her surprise, the bank gave her a 3-month trial.

*        *        *

A brother traveled to another state to attend the graduation ceremony of his son, who was on the Dean’s List throughout his academic year.  While on a flight returning home, he became a bit fearful when the pilot announced they would be to experiencing turbulence. Nevertheless, he trusted God for divine protection and had safe landing.

*      *      *

A young lady had been praying to God to gain employment in her career choice.  Early April, she stepped out in faith and applied for three different jobs.  To the glory of God, the position she was hired to work in was her first career choice.

*      *      *

A mother asked her daughter to attend an important occasion on her behalf.  The enemy of our soul tried to delay her travel – She became sick a day before the event and was taken to the hospital.  The mother prayed for her daughter’s recovery, she was treated and discharged.  On the day of the occasion her daughter quickly took public transportation because the car had a mechanical fault and would take five hours to repair. God answered this mother’s prayer for her daughter’s safe travel to and from the special occasion.

June 5th

Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken

While on her rounds at her workplace, a sister fell, hitting her tailbone.  Because there were only three employees, on shift, assigned to 150 clients, no one was able to come and assist her.  She took out her mantle and placed it on her tailbone.  After about 20 minutes, someone came to check on her.  To God be the glory, our Great Physician took control – no broken bones!

Cancer Free

Last year a sister had been going back and forth to the doctor.  Two weeks ago she went to her appointment for her results and was told she is cancer free!

He is God of Provision

Last week a sister came to church having no money and was blessed by another sister that same day.  After five minutes one of our fathers in the Lord also blessed her with money. For the past five years she has been on her job.  She remembered when Pastor Onabanjo spoke a word about changing jobs and began to seek God.  When she reached her place of work and rang the bell there was no answer.  When she called no one answered the phone so she went to a restaurant nearby and witnessed to two souls.  When she went to the office, the next morning, to speak to the boss she was absent.  Before she spoke to the supervisor she took out her “Yoke Breaker” prayer book and read “Day 29”.  She requested to be given another case and was paid for the day her patient did not answer her call or door.

*      *      *

A new system that will help process tasks and submit them quickly was installed at an employee’s workplace.   When she started the task she was unable to complete it because she was not familiar with the new system and the IT Team had already left the office for the day.  After struggling with the task for two hours she began to pray, asking the Holy Spirit to instruct her on how to use the system.  When she returned to her desk a window popped up with instructions and she was able to complete her assignment.

*      *      *

A mother’s youngest son began screaming, “My eyes, my eyes.  I can’t see!”  All he could see was a bright light.  When the mother gave her son a pair of sunglasses to put on it didn’t help so she placed a dark towel over his eyes and took him to the hospital.  One her way there she called Pastor Onabanjo who gave her a scripture to read and pray.  She obeyed the instruction the Lord gave her and before the doctor arrived to tend her son he uncovered his eyes and was able to see again.

*      *      *

For two years a woman was unable to open her left eye for 30 minutes before she could get out of bed.  She had been going for countless tests and MRI with no result.  She said God told her that He will heal her.  The day she was taking her son to the hospital, she realized that her son was experiencing the same issue.  But to God be the glory, her eye is healed.

June 12th

 Blessed With a Baby at age 52

We give all the glory to God who specializes in impossibilities.  A woman, 52 years old, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy!

*     *      *

Citizenship Granted

An application for citizenship had been returned for payment.  The proper means of payment was submitted yet this sister did not receive any feedback.  After a month passed, the Spirit of God told her to write a check and give it to Pastor Onabanjo.  When she did as instructed, Pastor prayed for her and a few days later she received a letter of approval.  A month later she received an appointment to do her biometrics, interview, and go to swear in to become a US citizen.

*      *      *

Successful Surgery

After surgery in March, a sister had faced challenges but God was present with her and she came out victoriously.

June 26th

Healed from Pain in Lower Back and Spine

A woman who had been having pain in her lower back and spine came for prayer.  When the man of God, Guy Peh, our guest speaker prayed for her she received healing. She doesn’t have to take pain killers anymore.

*      *      *

Jehovah Rapha, He is our Healer

A sister who was battling depression and sleepless nights for eight years went to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed her with lupus, gave her a list of medications to take. They told her that she is going to die.  When she told the man of God, Pastor Onabanjo, what she was facing, he told her she will not be taking any medications and tore all the prescriptions.  To the glory of God she was healed with water.

*      *      *

New Job After Years of Unemployment 

A mother gives God all the glory for providing a job for her son, a master’s degree holder, who was unemployed for many years.

*      *      *

Lump is Gone

A mother of four children and 10 grandchildren is healed of a lump that was growing under her ribs on the left side of her body.  Although she went to the physicians and got no result she took her situation to the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.  When she prayed with our pastor during the 5:30 am prayer on WLIB (1190 AM), she put the phone where the lump was located.  She believed by faith and now the lump is gone! gone! gone!!

*      *      *

Healed from Pain in the Foot

During prayer, on the second day of our Church’s convention, a gentleman felt something moving from the left side from the sole of his feet. He was feeling excruciating pain when he wakes up in the morning.  When the man of God, Guy Peh, mentioned pain in the foot, the gentleman stood up and as the minister touched him, something went out of the left side of his body.  No more pain.

Bouncing Baby Boy After Several Miscarriages

A couple were ready to give up after having several miscarriages until the man of God, Pastor Onabanjo prayed with them and she ate the grapes in faith.  To the glory of God, they were blessed with a bouncing baby boy!



On Monday, December 28, 2015, during a church prayer service, the man of God prophesied that someone with severe knee pain is receiving a divine healing. On the following Sunday, a sister testified that she had been experiencing a severe knee pain for the past three months and on that night of prayers, she believed by faith and God healed her completely.

January 3, 2016


A brother testified giving God thanks for fulfilling all the requests on his checklist for 2015.  Pastor Rotimi Onabanjo prophesied that we will be having weddings coming up in our church. To the glory of God three weddings took place in his family. Another prophecy was told to him about a plot that if he visit his home country, he would not return. Pastor Onabanjo told him the devil is a bastard and that he should prepare and go to his birth place, Our Lord put the enemy to shame and the brother went to his home country and returned to the US alive and well.

January 3, 2016


A sister had been waiting for a very important document to be signed to meet a deadline.  Just a few days before the deadline, she received a call early in the morning to inform her that the document was signed.

January 3, 2016

A young woman has been seeking employment with the city but was unable to pass the exams. Her mother took the pamphlet “31 Amazing Heights and 170 Gifts of Peace” to her to pray according to instructions from our Father in the Lord, Pastor Rotimi Onabanjo. She also joined the fasting during the first week of January 2016 before the next exam. After taking the exam she finally passed it! Thank Jesus Christ for divine favor.

January 10, 2016


Anonymous Church Member